WIN UP TO £1,000!

Tickets cost JUST £1, enter before Monday 7 September for a change to win up to £1,000
Only Debit Cards are Accepted

Terms & Conditions

This raffle is licensed by:
Edinburgh City Council Licencing Board
Local Authority/Gambling Commission licence number:
Edinburgh City Council Licencing Board
The responsible person at the Society is:
Nicola Gunn, Director of Fundraising and Communications, Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home.
Society address:
26 Seafield Road East, Edinburgh EH15 1EH.
Society registration number:
The prizes are:
First Prize - £1,000
Second Prize -£500
Third Prize - 5 x £50 prizes
Specific terms and conditions attached to the prize(s) are:

1. By entering the raffle, you agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions. Any raffle entry and participation instructions form part of these Terms and Conditions.

Any entries not complying with these Terms and Conditions will not be valid. 

2. This raffle is open only to individuals aged 18 years or over who live in Great Britain. Any person who has entered the raffle and who is found to be under 18 years of age will automatically forfeit any prize. The Promoter reserves the right to require proof of identity and age. 

3. The raffle is not open to employees of the Promoter, the raffle sponsor or any company involved with running the Raffle. 

4. The cost of each entry into the Raffle is £1 per ticket. 

5. The Promoter will send a maximum of 12 tickets to individuals in an initial mailing. 

6. Additional tickets may be requested by emailing or calling

the Fundraising Team on 0131 669 5331. The amount of additional tickets sent out will be at the discretion of the Promoter. 

7. Payment for participation in the raffle must be made in advance and can be made by cash, debit or credit card or cheque made payable to Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home. All cheques must be cleared by the closing date which can take five working days. The Home does not recommend sending cash in the post and will not be liable for any cash which goes missing before it reaches the Home. 

8. The prizes are as described on the raffle website at and in the letter accompanying tickets sent by post. Specific prizes may be subject to additional terms and conditions, which shall form part of these Terms and Conditions. Details of the prizes and of prize specific terms and conditions are also available by post on request to the Promoter. 

9. The closing date is Monday 7 September 2020. All raffle entries sent by post must be received by Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home, 26 Seafield Road East, Edinburgh, EH15 1EH by this date. Tickets received after this date will not be entered the draw and monies will be treated as a donation. Proof of postage does not constitute proof of receipt by the Promoter. 

10. The raffle draw will take place on Wednesday 16 September 2020 and be drawn by an independent party. Full information of the draw will be posted on the Home’s website 

11. The winning entries will be selected from all entries received by the closing date and prizes will be awarded in order of selection. Only tickets for which full payment has been received will be eligible to win a prize. 

12. Prizes are subject to availability and the Promoter reserves the right to substitute any prize with another prize of equal or greater value. Prizes are non-transferable, the person named on the raffle ticket stub will be the only person entitled to the prize.

13. Cash prizes will be transferred directly into the winners’ bank accounts or paid by cheque (at the Promoter’s discretion) within 28 days of the draw. 

14. Winners will be notified with the contact details provided on the ticket stub within 10 days of the draw. 

15. A list of the titles, surnames and home counties of winners will be available by emailing This list is for information purposes only and, subject to paragraph 18, prizes shall be awarded only to winning entries as recorded during the draw. 

16. By entering the raffle you agree to provide a photo of yourself, and to the Promoter using this photo and your title, surname and home county in relation to you being a winner of the raffle, including on the Promoter’s website at and on promotional materials relating to the raffle, the promotion of future raffles and related activities. 

17. The Promoter will use your personal information for the purpose of administering the Raffle and as described in Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home’s Privacy statement at

18. The Promoter reserves the right to reject your entry and/or award any prize to an alternative winner if the Promoter has grounds to believe that you have breached any of these Terms and Conditions, acted fraudulently or illegally, or on other reasonable grounds and the Promoter shall have no liability to you for any loss or damage arising from the Promoter exercising such rights. The Promoter shall return any amounts already paid by any entrant found to be under 18, but is not liable to return any amounts already paid by any other entrant, and any such refund the Promoter makes will be solely in the Promoter’s discretion. 

19. The prize will be forfeited by the winner if:

19.1. a prize cannot be paid or delivered (as applicable) using the details provided to the Promoter on the ticket stub; or

19.2. any cheque payment from the Promoter remains uncashed; after 3 months of the date of the draw. 

20. The Promoter reserves the right to modify, cancel, terminate or suspend the raffle in whole or in part in the Promoter’s sole discretion. 

21. Subject to paragraph 22, the Promoter shall not be liable for:

·         Raffle tickets, entries, communications or prizes which are lost, stolen or delayed in the post, damaged or illegible, from which the prize winner or entrant cannot be identified or, in the case of postal entries, which have insufficient postage (proof of posting is not proof of receipt);

·         any late bank payments;

·         the Promoter’s failure or inability to contact you and/or award any prize due to any errors, omissions or inaccuracies in the contact or bank details you have provided or your failure to update these if they change;

·         loss or damage incurred by you in connection with your participation in the raffle or your use of any prize; or

·         any failure or delay beyond the Promoter’s reasonable control. 

22. Nothing in these terms and conditions shall limit the Promoter’s liability for death or personal injury caused by its negligence, fraud or for any other matter for which liability may not be limited by law.

23. The Promoter may amend these terms and conditions at any time, but will notify you of significant changes before these come into effect. 

24. These terms and conditions are governed by Gambling Act 2005 and Small Society Lotteries (Registration of Non-Commercial Societies) Regulations 2007. 

25. If you would like to make a complaint about the raffle, please write to Nicola Gunn, Director of Development and External Affairs at 26 Seafield Road East, Edinburgh, EH15 1EH or

26. The Promoter is committed to operating the Raffle in a socially responsible way. If you or a family member feel that you are experiencing problems with gambling, you can seek advice and support from GambleAware via their website  

If you would like to opt out of receiving promotions relating to raffles and lotteries from the Home please write to or 26 Seafield Road East, Edinburgh, EH15 1EH. 

27. If you have any queries about the raffle please contact a member of The Home’s Fundraising Team at, 0131 669 5331 or by post at Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home, 26 Seafield Road East, Edinburgh, EH15 1EH. 

28. Our license allows us to sell up to £20,000 worth of tickets. When we reach this limit, we will stop any further sales.

Ticket price:
£1.00 per entry
Minimum age of entry:
 You must be 16 to enter
The maximum number of tickets Individuals are able to buy for this raffle is:
Winners will be contacted within the following number of days:
We will contact winners within 28 days of the draw
Contact for enquiries at the society:
If you have any queries about the raffle please contact a member of The Home’s
Fundraising Team at, 0131 669 5331 or by post at Edinburgh Dog
and Cat Home, 26 Seafield Road East, Edinburgh, EH15 1EH.
  1. Each participating Society is operating a Society Lottery (Raffle) under the Gambling Act 2005.
  2. By entering a draw, participants agree to be bound by these Terms & Conditions and Rules.
  3. To enter a draw a ticket (or tickets) must be purchased from this website.
  4. The winner(s) of a draw will be chosen at random from all entries received by the Closing Date.
  5. Full descriptions of the prizes are listed on the Website.
  6. Where relevant, the Prize(s) will be delivered to a UK address specified by the winner, or, if cash, will be paid by the Society. Any specific clauses related to prizes will be described on the Website.
  7. Each draw is open to all UK residents who are aged 16 (sixteen) or over on the date of ticket purchase, (except for employees of Capen and the Society).
  8. Any person found to be under 16 (sixteen) years of age on the date of ticket purchase automatically forfeits the right to the prize(s).
  9. You must be 16 (sixteen) or over to play or claim a prize. We may conduct random checks of entrants to ensure there are no underage players. Random checks are conducted using AgeChecked (or similar service from a third party supplier as and when stipulated). If a person enters the draw stating that they are over the age of 16 (sixteen) and subsequently it is found that they are less than 16 (sixteen)years of age, they will have any money paid in relation to a draw returned to them and where relevant will automatically forfeit the right to any prize.
  10. The winner may need to provide proof of age before collecting the prize(s). Acceptable documentation of the winner’s proof of age will be a scan of their passport or driving license.
  11. When you purchase a ticket for a draw a unique ticket number will be issued and displayed onscreen at the point of purchase. Confirmation of your ticket number/s will also be emailed to the address supplied during the ticket purchasing process.
  12. Individuals are limited to a total spend of £100 per individual raffle, unless otherwise agreed with the society.
  13. All entry sales are final. Refunds are at the sole discretion of the Society and will be payable only where the Society deems it reasonable, having regard for all the circumstances. All participants acknowledge that their payment of the ticket price does not guarantee that they will win any prize.
  14. Full payment for each ticket must be received in cleared funds before the ticket can be entered into a draw. Only tickets for which full payment has been received are eligible to win the prize(s).
  15. Payment for tickets can be made by debit/credit card only.
  16. All participants are solely responsible for providing and (where necessary) updating or the Society with their accurate and up-to-date contact details and neither, nor the Society will be in any way liable for any failure or inability to contact any participant due to any errors, omissions or inaccuracies in the contact details that the participant has provided.
  17. Neither, nor the Society shall be liable to any participant for any loss or damage suffered or arising from:
    1. any delays or failures in the delivery methods used by the Society or the participant;
    2. any delays or failures in any software or other systems used by the Society for the administration of a draw;
    3. any delays or failures in the banking system used by the Society or the participant;
    4. any refusal by the Society to accept an individual’s entry or the cancellation of an entry;
    5. any event beyond the reasonable control of or the Society.
  18. To the extent permitted by law, and the Society excludes any liability for loss or damage incurred by any winner of a prize in connection with or arising from the use of the prize or participation in a draw.
  19. Zaffo and the Society are committed to protecting the privacy of participants. Personal information that is collected from participants is used lawfully in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998. In providing your information to Zaffo or the Society, you consent to Zaffo or the Society using your information to process your entry and otherwise as described in these terms and conditions including (but not limited to) passing winners’ contact details on to representatives of third party companies used for the purposes of fulfilling the Prize and publishing winners’ names on the Website. For more information about how Zaffo and the Society uses personal information to administer a draw see our Privacy Policy.
  20. and the Society reserve the right to:
    1. disqualify or decline to accept the entry of any participant if it has reasonable grounds to believe the participant has breached any of these terms or otherwise acted fraudulently;
    2. terminate or suspend a draw for reasons beyond its reasonable control
  21. In the event of any dispute regarding a draw, if the dispute cannot be resolved by the parties, it will be referred to an independent third party. Please refer to the Social Responsibility Policy.
  22. Draws on are a form of gambling. Participants are encouraged to gamble responsibly. Please read our Social Responsibility Policy or visit the GamCare website ( for more information on Problem Gambling.
  23. The Laws of England and Wales shall govern the interpretation and/or enforcement of these Rules. The Society and all participants hereby submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.
  24. Please note that your payment has been processed by Capen Ltd Trading as and your bank statement will include the following information “ 0203 176 6862”